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They say it takes 21 Days to form a new habit!

In only 21 days, you could set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and jump start your weight loss!  This is why our One Month Weight Loss Challenges are so successful!

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160566891_croppedWe offer accountability and guidance in a fun and safe environment that makes it easy to stay on track.   The best part is….at the end of the Month, one of our Challengers will win $200!  The groups are set up through Facebook, and normally have 10 Challengers per group.

Collect points throughout the month for completing fun Challenges that will keep you motivated and losing weight!

The best part is, the average Challenger will lose 8.7lbs in the month!  You will be personally accountable to a My Better Life Coach who will make sure you see results!

Krysta B:A



Weight Loss that Works!

Weight Loss that Works!

Free Weight Loss Assessment

One Month Challenges

Our Monthly Challenges are a fun way to get support, accountability and motivation!  Click Here to learn more about how you can lose 10lbs in a Month and win a CASH Prize!

Custom Designed Meal Plans

Each of us are unique, and our bodies are very different. So why would we be successful on the same Weight Loss Program?  My Better Life Weight Loss designs a program to meet your needs!

One on One Counseling

Accountability is priceless! Better Life Weight Loss will provide you with the support you need to be successful!

Executive Weight Loss

Helping Executives who are too busy to visit a location and too high profile to attend group meetings. Accountability and Coaching.  Channel your Motivation into Losing Weight, and notice the change in every part of your life!


My Better Life Blog

My Better Life Blog

Enjoy fantastic tips and unbeatable tricks about Weight Loss (plus good laugh from time to time!)

Weight Loss Expert, Robyn Johnstone keeps you up to date with all the information you need to live a Better Life!

Here you will find Posts about how to get Motivated, how to stay Motivated and Lose Weight!

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Losing Weight can change your life!

When you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while, the comment is always the same…

“OH MY, You look Fantastic! What have you Done? Share your secret!!”

Krysta B:A

Carla- Lost 67lbs & 72″ Awesome review

Thank you so much for all of your support!  I have gone from a size 22 to a size 10 and I feel fantastic!  My husband and 3 kids are so proud of me, and now we do so much more as a family!  I feel great!  This Program Works, thank you Robyn!”

Bev- Lost 16lb & 22″  Awesome review

 “I never had a lot of weight to lose, but it was enough that my clothes did not fit!  I joined My Better Life and I am now wearing my old clothes again, and plenty of new ones!  In just 6 weeks, Robyn helped me reach my goal weight.  I would recommend this program to anyone.”

Michelle had Lost 20lbs and Counting…Awesome review

“My entire teenage and adult years I was always in search of “the” magic pill to reach my weight loss goal. For the first time, I am beginning a new year with a goal in mind i know I will achieve and I can only be thankful for my coach Robyn. She has guided me through every step of this journey by teaching me that with a little planning and a positive mind you will accomplish your goals.

What I love about Robyn is that she is an extremely organized, punctual, knowledgeable, positive,kind, funny, caring, enthusiastic person but most of she LOVES what she does!!!! We all know this is not something you can’t fake! 🙂
Her program is tailored to my needs and especially my roller coaster schedule. She somehow manages to make me understand the importance of my daily foods without overwhelming me with all the science. This allows me to make better choices in my foods and gives me the confidence I will need to maintain my goal weight.

Robyn I look forward to reaching goal with you and I’m excited to see what new tricks you have up your sleeve.”

-Michelle Lynch


Joanne lost 10lbs on One Month Awesome review

I have tried many weight loss clinics over the years, but biggest difference I found with My Better Life, is that Robyn talks to you and not at you. She listens, encourages and finds a way to help you. It is not only about loosing weight, it is about your life and the choices you make which hinder your health and the stresses along the way which cause the over indulging in food.

Robyn talks to you about the food you eat, which food help in speeding up metabolism or in detoxing your body, (getting rid of the bad toxins from food/drink you have ingested). It is not just ‘take a pill’ and you loose weight or exercise, it is the combination of both, of the learning process, of changing your life for the better to become who you were meant to be.

Robyn, many thanks for the talks, the laughs and encouragement, for being there if and when I need someone to talk to.”

-Joanne B.

Share your success, and help inspire others to live Better Life too! Send us your Before and After Photo, and tell us how you are feeling with your amazing results!

Lost over 60lbs and kept it off!

Lost over 60lbs and kept it off!

Finally, an online Weight Loss Program designed to suit your needs and lifestyle!

Lose Weight without having to visit a location or attend group meeting. Get exactly what you need, when it works for you!

Losing Weight is not just about counting your calories and hoping you come up short each day!  Its all about balance.  You need to be in right frame of mind before you can even consider starting a Weight Loss Program.  That’s why motivation can be such a roller coaster.  Some days you may feel ready, and then something happens in your life, and you are back to square one.

Its important to look, not only at your Diet and Exercise routine, but also your Relationships and Mindset.  When you are able to properly align all areas of your life, losing weight becomes less of daunting task.

Support and Accountability will go a long way.  Otherwise, we would all be successful at Losing Weight ‘on our own’.  Natural Weight Loss Products can help curb your appetite and increase your metabolism to help you reach your goal sooner.

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Tracking your foods is an essential part of your Weight Loss journey.  Try ‘Lose It’ as a great tool that I personally recommend for keeping tabs on what your eating.

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I’ve lost 62lbs and 65 inches! I feel fantastic! My true passion is for helping for others to feel as confident and healthy as I do now. When I was almost 200lbs, I felt tired and sluggish. I always worried about upcoming social functions, because I didn’t want to see anyone. (not to mention I had nothing to wear)
With the help of Natural Weight Loss Products, Personal Coaching and Healthy Lifestyle I did something I never dreamed possible. I reached my Goal! Let me help you do the same!

Robyn Robyn

Lost 62lbs & 65"